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Home > Knowledgebase > What is propagation ? 30 Sep 2020
What is propagation ?

Once InterNIC announces that your domain name has been registered, it usually takes from 12 to 72 hours before the domain is active. All Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must update their records (DNS tables) to reflect new site locations. This process is called propagation.

During propagation, your site might be accessible from one ISP and not from another. It is advisable to wait 72 hours before you announce your site to the world. During this propagation period, EasyASP provides you with a temporary address that enables you to see, and begin developing, your web site immediately. This temporary information can be found in your activation email we sent to you.

After the propagation across the Internet has completed, you will then be able to use and announce your own domain name. It is important to note that each individual form of your domain name must propagate. This means that may take a different amount of time to propagate than, which also may take a different amount of time than without the www. Patience is the key during propagation.

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