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Home > Knowledgebase > How do I fix a 403 error? 30 Sep 2020
How do I fix a 403 error?

You have uploaded your files via ftp. When you access your site you get a 403 error - Permission Forbidden.

Possibile Fix #1: You have not uploaded your webfiles to the wwwroot folder. Make sure your files are in the wwwroot folder, not outside the wwwroot folder.
Possibile Fix #2:

This is a common problem, you need to add or rename a "default" page. The "default" page is the web page that is displayed when no web page is specified. For instance, if you enter there is no web page specified. specifies a web page

For the support on how you can specify your own default document, click here.

Further Assistance: Please submit a support ticket by emailing Include your helm username and domain. Also, please include any specific error message / problem you are experiencing.
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