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Home > Knowledgebase > What ASP email components are installed on the servers ? 30 Sep 2020
What ASP email components are installed on the servers ?

Jmail: Jmail is the most popular and the fastest way to send emails from your ASP enabled website. We are currently running the latest version (ver.4.1). More information can be found at

ASPEmail: AspEmail is an active server component that enables your ASP application to send email messages via any external SMTP server. The component supports multiple file attachments, multiple recipients, CCs, BCCs, and REPLY-TOs. More information can be found at

Devmailer: Devmailer is a COM (Component Object Model) object designed to send email via SMTP from any COM / OLE / ActiveX enabled application.

You can find working examples of these components at We also support CDONTS and CDO.

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